Join up for the Thrill VIP Program and save big!


Welcome to the Thrill Studio VIP program! You can earn points ( we call them Thrills ) for not only making purchases, but also, talking about us on social media, or providing your email, or even simply because it's your birthday. All earned points are good for 2 years!

You can find and redeem your Thrills by clicking on the "Check Rewards" button at the bottom center of any page on our website. It's pinned to the bottom of your browser window. It looks like this... 

On that panel that opens up, you will see any awards have earned and a button next to them that says, "Redeem".

Simply click "Redeem" and you will be given a code for checkout to claim your discount. 

When you redeem a code, you lose the points to make the claim from your current point total. HOWEVER, you remain in the highest tier you have achieved so far. This means that once you get to Thrilla, our top level, you will earn double points on purchases, forever. 


MEMBER TIER - Earn 0 - 400 Thrills in any 2 year period. 
In this tier, from 0-399 points, you earn 1 Thrill per dollar you spend. Once you earn 200 points you are automatically moved into our Upgraded Member program and given a 15% off coupon for one purchase. 


VIP TIER - 400 - 800 Thrills in any 2 year period.
Once you earn 400 points you are automatically moved into our VIP tier and given a 20% off coupon for one purchase. In this tier, you earn Thrills 50% faster. You will earn 1.5 Thrills per dollar you spend. 

THRILLA' TIER - Earn 800+ Thrills in any 2 year period.
Once you earn 800 points you are automatically moved into our THRILLA' tier and given a 25% off coupon for one purchase. That's right, 25% off as much swag as you can pile into a digital cart. In this program, you also earn points twice as fast on what you spend. You will earn 2 Thrills per dollar you spend. Meaning you get your 25% discount twice as fast the second time. 


So what are the Thrills worth?

Spend 200 Thrills - Get 15% Off Any Purchase
Spend 400 Thrills - Get 20% Off Any Purchase
Spend 800 Thrills - Get 25% Off Any Purchase


You can get to the Member Tier reward of 15% off for 200 Thrills without even making a purchase. 

Here is a list of other things you can do to earn Thrills besides purchases.

100 Thrills - Create an account with Thrill  
20 Thrills - Give us details about you like Birthday and Gender in your profile
50 Thrills - For your birthday ... just for getting older. 
30 Thrills - Liking our store on Facebook through the website
30 Thrills - Following us on Instagram through the website 
50 Thrills - Referring a friend to Thrill ( and your friend gets 10% off immediately )
20 Thrills - Giving a product review ( good or bad, we prefer good )

To earn points via these methods, simply click the "Check Rewards" button at the bottom of the screen...

Then click the "Earn" tab next to the rewards tab... 

Then click on some of the earn options to start earning points!


And finally, if you have purchased with Thrill before on our Etsy store, 
after you've created an account, send us an email - found at the bottom of every website page - with how much you spent.

We'll give you the points for those previous Etsy store purchases!

We'd move you over automatically, BUT we don't have your account info from Etsy. They mask that from the sellers. So you have to create an account before we can give you the Thrills! BUT you get 100 Thrills just for creating an account!